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Be Your Own Heroine

Be Your Own Heroine

Heroine shines a light on the issues women face today and shares how to find freedom in the flaws.  Through this remarkable message of self-love, imperfectly perfect motherhood, and even fertility struggles you can learn how to:

  • Say good-bye to a negative self image by changing the perception, not the image.

  • Discover the beauty in fully loving yourself (flaws and all!)

  • Consciously raise strong and confident children because you yourself walk with passion and purpose.

Blaise Hunter is happy from the iniside out

Blaise Hunter is an author, award winning advocate, public speaker, and fertility expert who tackles the realities of issues women face from body image and self-esteem to motherhood and infertility. She pushes back on the pressures of perfectionism women face in today’s world. Blaise’s mission is to compel and inspire women to love themselves and breathe their passion like fire through her “Heroine” movement. 

"Our biography doesn't determine our destiny. Though I have endured three miscarriages, I am not barren. I am continually birthing my purpose. It is my vision to see others fulfill their dreams as well." - Blaise Hunter

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Blaise delivers an inspiring message and captivates audiences with her energy. 

Blaise has appeared on stages with other world renowned motivational speakers in the United Kingdom, New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas as well as all around Canada.

Be Their hero

Leave a Legacy For Your Children

get tips on how to

Be The Change You Wish To See & Birth Your Destiny 

Be Your Child's Hero

Footprints Memorial Unveiling

Oct 11, 2019

A Footprints Memorial


Is now at a community greenspace in Bonnyville, AB

Residents can honour their angel baby's footprints all year round.


Located at the bird lookout across from the Bonnyville Health Centre

on Lakeshore Drive

2019 Winner

For Health & Wellness

Blaise Hunter Women of Influence

"Blaise Hunter's eloquent yet powerful presentation awoke a deep awareness within myself and all those present. She has poured her heart and soul into her book and the Love Yourself Challenge. This subject of self-esteem, self-love, self-care and nurturing are no longer hidden in the shadows to lay festering and unhealed. Blaise Hunter has cast a brilliant and poignant universal sunbeam upon the imperativeness of its dawn. Thank you for sharing your true authentic self with us and the world."

 Jeanette Hunter / Elysium-Transformational Life Coaching

"Inspiring! Something both moms and young girls need to hear.

Blaise captivates people with her passion."

Julie Hutchison / High School Teacher

“This Book Rocks! Heroine by Blaise Hunter is packed with skills

(real skills) that readers can enact in their lives NOW!  A gentle and hilarious read that reminds us to love the body we have!”

Carmen Verrier / Pulp Cottage


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