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The 2nd Annual WIN Awards Returns 
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When We Influence As A Collective, We Win


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The WIN Awards is an inclusive platform geared to support and celebrate the power of being influential. Women, non-binary, 2-spirit, and gender-diverse people all over Nanaimo are impacting the world in positive and revolutionary ways. They are mothers, parents, leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, STEM pioneers, activists, artists, tradespeople, philanthropists, and so much more.


Our goal with the Women of Influence Nanaimo Network is to normalize the perception of people in these roles by championing what they do, who they are, and their character rather than the gender they identify with. Inclusion lies in the contrast between a sense of belonging and the pressure for people to “fit in” to groups, communities, or cultures.

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Has Arrived

Captain Communicator
Captain Communicator Blaise Hunter

#1 Best


Do your signals get lost in translation?

Do you want communication superpowers?

Captain Communicator Blaise Hunter

The human race relies on communicating to survive, yet we are horrible communicators. Every day we experience assumptions, conflict, triggers, and disconnect, but we never really hone our communication skills. Blaise Hunter, the author of Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws & Own Your Awesome (voted top 3 in Canada), takes you on a journey of becoming a Captain Communicator. Through this brave story of reflection, trauma-healing, and heroism you can learn how to:

• Reduce arguments and turn them into meaningful dialogues.

• Heal the internal wounds by taking control of our narratives.

• Speak the body's language.

• Become a universal translator.


"I can't help it if someone takes issue with what I'm saying or doing, but when they come at me, it is my responsibility to receive and respond with maturity, grace, and wisdom. This is how we stop the identity theft." – Blaise Hunter

Blaise Represents Canada At Human Rights Summit In Turkey
Blaise Hunter human rights leader

A Youth Summit in Istanbul, Turkey brings together 150+ participants to promote peace amid rising human rights challenges. Nanaimo’s Blaise Hunter was selected to represent Canada and speak on her advocacy work with women’s reproductive health rights. The US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights hosted a global Youth Summit in Istanbul April 1-4 to bring peace through education. The Youth Summit had representatives from over 50 countries in attendance including young leaders that were selected among thousands to represent their nation.

Blaise Hunter human rights summit Turkey
Blaise Hunter human rights
Blaise Hunter

Heroine Voted Top 3 
In All Of Canada

Blaise Hunter Heroine
Blaise Hunter author
Blaise was included in a special interview series with Authority Magazine. Check out all that she has to say on how to be an effective social justice advocate.
Blaise Hunter Authority Magazine

"We need to hold the line on our commitment to change. Everyone can agree there are gaps in the system but where is the action? Infertility and loss aren’t just medical issues; they are also mental health ones. We can’t just talk about making mental wellness a priority, our leaders need to act. One out of four women experience infertility or loss. This means a sizable percentage of each government’s citizens are experiencing inhumane treatment or lack of empathy within the system.


The rights of women are being violated according to articles 4 and 5 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Women are being enslaved by mental health prisons and then the very system designed to heal them, tortures them further. This must be addressed. It’s not ok to ignore anymore. I am sounding the alarm. If we claim we are the land of the free and the home of the brave and sing I stand on guard for thee, then we must commit to that very atmosphere"

Book Trailer
Blaise Hunter Heroine

From one woman to another hear her battle cry: “Heroine Embrace Your Flaws & Own Your Awesome.” This is a book written by Blaise Hunter, an unexpected female warrior-turned-motivational speaker. Drawing wisdom and knowledge from her own trials and successes, she wrote a book for women who doubt themselves to stop the pontificating and work on self-sufficiency. She breaks the silence on the taboo topics of knowing one's worth, building confidence, body image, motherhood, and infertility.

Heroine remains true to the book's theme by using examples and clever analogies to declare the vitality of self-love. The author demonstrates the need to express one's own self because vulnerability is what connects the shred of collective experience that strengthens the line. Women will clasp their hearts as Blaise shares her lowest moment as a woman – dealing with not one, but three miscarriages.

With raw honesty and brave humour, Blaise imparts experience and wisdom gained from a personal journey in overcoming self-hatred and empowers women to become their own heroes. In this remarkable love story, Blaise creates a Heroine Movement by uniting women and freeing their voices. Thirty courageous women reveal their own stories of insecurities and struggles with the pursuit of perfection. Their unmasked photos included in the book provide a commanding paradigm of heroism.

Women today are hard-pressed to have the perfect body, be the perfect wife, and the perfect mom. They end up feeling exhausted and unworthy. Heroine shines a light on how to break the cycle of toxic thinking and shares how to find freedom in the flaws.

The author’s heart and passion are evident on every page. Blaise is an agitator for change and a champion for inner transformation. Heroine inspires women to draw their swords and breathe fire.





Heroine exposes the issues women face today and demonstrates how to change the narrative.  No longer do women need to be shackled to shame, guilt, and low confidence. Through this remarkable message of self-love, imperfectly perfect motherhood, postpartum depression, and even fertility struggles women will learn how to:

  • Say good-bye to a negative self image by changing the perception, not the image.

  • Discover the beauty in fully loving yourself (flaws and all!)

  • Consciously raise strong and confident children because you yourself walk with passion and purpose.

"For the first time in my life I let people see me. I let them see through me, and what they saw wasn’t perfect but it was Heroine.” Blaise Hunter

Blaise Hunter
Blaise Hunter Heroine
Blaise Hunter Heroine
book signature.png
Blaise Hunter
Blaise Hunter Heroine
Blaise Hunter
Blasie Hunter

Blaise Hunter is an author, 2020 Influencer Award winner at the Canadian Women of Inspiration Awards, international speaker, podcast host, copywriter, fertility expert, certified human rights advocate, Mother of Purpose, and Breaker of Chains. She tackles the realities of issues women face from low confidence and lack of identity to social injustices. Blaise’s mission is to inspire women to love themselves and breathe their passion like fire through her Heroine Movement. Her quest is to help women unleash the power of vulnerability to become their own heroes. It is time to pick up our miscarried dreams and birth our destiny.


Blaise founded the non-profit group Footprints: Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Support Initiative which helps parents work through their grief and trauma. She won the Women of Influence Award for her advocacy for this cause. She is on a mission to educate the world on reproductive health rights. Currently, she is working on implementing new HR policies to be adopted in the workplace.  


Blaise is the CEO of Blaise the Trail inc, a consulting agency geared towards helping people birth their voices, dreams, goals, books, and brands. She empowers others to be fertile in their lives and get expecting with purpose, drive, and resiliency. Blaise lives with her husband and daughter in British Columbia, Canada.

"Our biography doesn't determine our destiny. Though I have endured three miscarriages, I am not barren. I am continually birthing my purpose. It is my vision to see others fulfill their dreams as well."- Blaise Hunter

Blaise Hunter

What is my purpose – is a question confronting more and more people today. Blaise Hunter, The Fertility Guru, shares her insights on how to “Blaise the Trail” through challenges, disappointments, and fear to rise up as the hero of your life and breathe fire on this world. Whether you want to learn more about birthing your passions and dreams, discovering peace amongst the pain of infertility and loss, or get your appetite for life back, this is the podcast for you.

Each topic will inspire you to lean into your flaws and allow them to be the vehicle that transports you into becoming the hero of your life.

Blaise Hunter


Blaise Hunter
Want A Dynamic Speaker?


Book Blaise For Your Next Event!  

Blaise delivers an inspiring message and captivates audiences with her energy and fire. She wears a cape, draws a sword, and roars with power.


Blaise has worked in the entertainment, journalism, and public relations industries for over fifteen years. Her unique personal story and creative adventures have provided her with a platform to encourage others to find freedom and take action. Her dedication to helping individuals be rooted in faith frees people to move beyond their fears and failures in pursuit of purpose. 

Blaise has appeared on stages with other world-renowned professional speakers in the United Kingdom, New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas as well as all around Canada. She has empowered women and men alongside Oprah's "South African Daughters" and makes an impact wherever she goes.

She designed a "Know Your Worth" series for girls in grades 7-12 and has been invited to mentor students at a variety of school districts. Blaise is a sought-after speaker for educator mental health conferences, church meetings, and conventions all over the world.

Other Signature talks include: How to GPS your life by following the MAPP, Fertility Schmertility - How to be fertile in your life, The 5 P's to a successful business - What Einstein has to do with it, How to Leverage Your Language - Be Clever with Copywriting. Women's Health Rights - Opening discussions about women's rights with infertility and loss. 

Blaise Hunter speaker

Be Their hero

Leave a Legacy For Your Children

get tips on how to

Be The Change You Wish To See & Birth Your Destiny 

A Guide For Parents

Blaise Hunter Blaise the Trail Consulting
Blasise Hunter

Blaise offers advice and expertise to people and organizations to help them improve their business performance in terms of brand identity and marketing strategy as well as keynote speech construction and helping clients write their books. Blaise draws from years of experience in broadcast journalism, public relations, and entrepreneurship. 

She is an award-winning writer who brilliantly combines her wit with her flare. She helps clients "Leverage their Brand Language" with creative copywriting. Blaise is a freelance writer turned multi-hyphenate CEO who loves showing purpose-driven entrepreneurs how to harness the power of content marketing. Through her trademark ‘strategic storytelling’ approach to copywriting and content creation, Blaise helps creatives, coaches, and founders launch impactful offerings that grow their audiences, attract the right people, and help them become go-to experts in their industry. 

Blasie Hunter
Blaise Hunter

Are you tired of wanting to tell the world all that you do and have to offer but have no idea how to put it into words?

Share Your Story In A Memorable Way...

Enquire About Creative Copywriting Services

Blaise also developed the Signature Series called Birth Your Brand, Birth Your Voice, Birth Your Story & Birth Your Rights - Play it SMART when advocating for human rights.  Click On The Images Below

Blaise Hunter
Blaise Hunter
Blaise Hunter

2020 Canadian Women of Inspiration Award Winner

Blaise Hunter
Blaise Hunter Influener Award
“I am so incredibly honoured to receive this distinction. It has been my mission to issue a call to arms for women to know their worth and step into their power,” expressed Hunter. “This award means my voice is being heard. The more battle cries we can unleash upon this world, the more change we will see. This is about fanning the flames of my Heroine Movement. This recognition adds more fuel to the fire I already breathe. Congratulations to all the winners and my fellow nominees. Together, we are the change. Let us keep taking up the mantle of inspiration and being a conduit of dreams. We are all mothers of purpose.”
This isn't about elevating me; It's about elevating the message
Blaise Hunter



Footprints Infertility & Pregnancy Loss 
Support Initiative 

Blaise Hunter Footprints nonprofit
Blaise Hunter

Footprints is dedicated to bringing grieving parents together. This is a safe place to process, heal, share, and gather information on how to navigate through this journey. No longer do we need to feel ashamed or sit alone with our pain. We are all Mothers of Purpose and Fathers of Destiny. It is paramount to shed light on reproductive health. The mandate for Footprints is a two-part mission:

1) Improve the systems on the frontlines to ensure parents get the proper care, information, and emotional support the moment their trauma happens. This includes handing out free mental health support bags worldwide. And work with governing bodies to create better protocols and procedures when handling miscarriages and loss.

2) Create a world-wide support community to continue the efforts in bridging the gap with emotional and mental health in the following weeks, months, and years.

Gender-inclusive best practices allow for integrating sexual or reproductive health topics to be standard dialogue in the workplace and in healthcare systems. It also issues an invitation for parents to feel comfortable and supported. We must advocate for the right to have access to safe, stigma-free reproductive health care conversations with our doctors, employers, and community. The goal is to normalize reproductive health and champion a culture of health, safety, and equity for everyone.   

Footprints Memorial Unveiling

Oct 11, 2019

A Footprints Memorial


Is now at a community greenspace in Bonnyville, AB

Residents can honour their angel baby's footprints all year round.


Located at the bird lookout across from the Bonnyville Health Centre

on Lakeshore Drive

baby footprints.png

2019 Winner

For Health & Wellness

Blaise Hunter Women of Influence

As Featured On

Blaise Hunter author

"Blaise Hunter's eloquent yet powerful presentation awoke a deep awareness within myself and all those present. She has poured her heart and soul into her book and the Love Yourself Challenge. This subject of self-esteem, self-love, self-care and nurturing are no longer hidden in the shadows to lay festering and unhealed. Blaise Hunter has cast a brilliant and poignant universal sunbeam upon the imperativeness of its dawn. Thank you for sharing your true authentic self with us and the world."

 Jeanette Hunter / Elysium-Transformational Life Coaching

"Inspiring! Something both moms and young girls need to hear.

Blaise captivates people with her passion."

Julie Hutchison / High School Teacher

Blaise helped me so much with my brand identity and copy for my website! She was an absolute pleasure to work with on my full web development project and branding launch over a three-month period.

She was extremely professional, pleasant, timely, flexible, and was able to fully capture the vision of the project. She showed high attention to detail, she understood the energy and personality of my voice and the outcome was more than I could ever have envisioned. I thoroughly recommend Blaise if you are looking for content that will resonate with customers and create impact.

Karina - Consultant

Blaise is a powerhouse with a wide range of wisdom and expertise. Her human rights advocacy is a must-needed voice in today's world. Her workshops are unreal and our organization is deeply grateful for what we have learned from Blaise. 

Paul - HR 

Blaise Hunter
participation turkey.png
Blaise Hunter Universal Women's Network
Blaise Hunter
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