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Blaise breaks the silence barriers on taboo topics with this new podcast. You will hear authentic and vulnerable stories that will inspire you become your own hero.

Blaise is featured on Roy's Happy Hour discussing body image, infertility and stepping into your purpose.

Overcoming Insecurities - Equip TV featuring Blaise Hunter

Insecurity is something many struggle with. Tune into “Overcoming Insecurity” in this Special Group Episode on Equip TV

Major Announcement


A Footprints Memorial


Will be erected in a community greenspace in Bonnvyille

An Unveiling Ceremony Will Happen October 11th at 11:30 am

At the bird lookout across from Bonnyville Health Centre on Lakeshore Drive

Footprints is


Into the Bonnyville Medical Clinic

The community has spoken and put their money where their mouth is. Over $5,000 has been raised to distribute support bags for parents who endure miscarriages, stillbirths and infertility.

"My vision is to give a voice to our angel babies and be an advocate for grieving parents. It is time to start addressing infertility and loss as a mental health issue and not just a medical one." - Blaise Hunter

New Infertility Support Group Formed

Footprints: Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Support Group holds its first meeting Nov 26th - 7p.m.

Blaise Hunter is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Dragonfly Counselling & Support Centre.  The initiative will be called Footprints: Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Support Group.  The author of Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws & Own Your Awesome writes about her miscarriages and is an advocate for getting loud about infertility and pregnancy loss. 


Tell:  780-815-0265



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