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Empower Your Audience By Hiring Blaise Hunter

Whether you’re looking for innovative business strategies, a morale boost, methods to improve communication with self-talk or with others, or searching for creative ways to tackle mental health in the workplace, community, and schools, Hunter's keynote presentations are the perfect solution. 

Blaise believes vulnerability and connection are key! Are you tired of attending seminars that don't inspire or invoke change?  Hunter leads her sessions with passion and fire and anyone from all ages will leave forever impacted. 

Blaise is the Fertility Expert that doesn't help people get pregnant. Rather she teaches people how to be fertile in their lives by birthing their dreams, goals, voices, books, and brands as well as discover peace amongst the infertility process.

Blaise has worked in the entertainment, journalism, and public relations industries for over fifteen years. Her unique personal story and creative adventures have provided her with a platform to encourage others to find freedom and take action. Her dedication to helping individuals be rooted in faith frees people to move beyond their fears and setbacks in pursuit of purpose. 

Blaise has appeared on stages with other world-renowned professional speakers in the United Kingdom, New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas as well as all around Canada. She has empowered women and men alongside Oprah's "South African Daughters" and makes an impact wherever she goes.

She designed a "Know Your Worth" series for girls in grades 7-12 and has been invited to mentor students at a variety of school districts. Blaise is a sought-after speaker for educator mental health conferences, church meetings, and conventions all over the world.

Blaise is the Voice of Change!


Collaborate with Blaise today and set the right tone for your audience!

Know Your Worth

Explore the relationships with Yourself, Food, and Others. This Interactive workshop showcases every thought and word either helps you or hurts you.


Take a journey of how to MAPP one's own life.  Remove the Masks, Accept Yourself, Live with Passion, and Change Your Perception NOT the Image.

Be The Change

Do you want to see parents and children navigate through the mental health maze?  This session empowers families to be the change by leading by example.

Holding Hands

Fertility Schmertility

Candid talks surrounding infertility & pregnancy loss. Learn how vulnerability and realness help with the process. We can still be fertile in a barren season.

5 P's To SUCCESS.png

5 P's to Success

What Does Einstein Got to do with it? Outline your life & business by following the 5 P formula to set yourself up for a successful venture.

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Birth Your Voice/Speech

Learn how to apply key strategies on how to impact your audience and deliver a powerful speech. Blaise gives tricks of the broadcasting trade.

human rights wix .png

Women's Health Rights

Blaise is a certified human rights consultant and teaches people how to play it SMART in her talks. She links key articles with women's rights to bring dignity to humanity.

know thyself.png

Google Maps Your Business with the 5 W's

Does your business plan lack clarity or focus? The 5 W’s solve the identity crisis and help you Google Maps your business. This is the litmus test for a successful venture.

Christan talk.png

Living My Religion: Agent For Change

Blaise shares her powerful testimony and exposes variants festering below the surface in her faith. She empowers people to get their hearts right and run their race.

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