Motivational Speaking

Empower Your Audience By Hiring Blaise Hunter

Whether you’re looking for a morale boost, help creating methods to improve coping skills or searching for innovative ways to tackle mental health in the workplace, community, and schools, Hunter's keynote presentations are the perfect solution. 

Blaise believes vulnerability and connection are key! Are you tired of attending seminars that don't inspire or invoke change?  Hunter leads her sessions with passion and fire and anyone from all ages will leave forever impacted. 

Blaise is also a Fertility Expert which means she helps people birth their dreams and goals as well as discover peace amongst the infertility process.

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Know Your Worth

Explore the relationships with Yourself, Food, and Others.  This Interactive workshop showcases every thought and word either helps you or hurts you.


Take a journey of how to MAPP one's own life.  Remove the Masks, Accept Yourself, Live with Passion, and Change Your Perception NOT the Image.

Be The Change

Do you want to see parents and children navigate through the mental health maze?  This session empowers families to be the change by leading by example.

Holding Hands

Fertility Schmertility

Candid talks surrounding infertility & pregnancy loss. Learn how vulnerability and realness helps with the process.


5 P's to Success

Outline your life & business by following the 5 P formula to succeed!


Birth Your Voice

Learn how to apply key strategies on how to impact your audience and deliver a powerful speech.