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This podcast is committed to bringing you authentic and vulnerable stories that will inspire you to breathe fire on this world and become your own hero.

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Blaise The Trail Podcast

What is my purpose – is a question confronting more and more people today. Blaise Hunter, The Fertility Guru, shares her insights on how to “Blaise the Trail” through challenges, disappointments, and fear to rise up as the hero of your life and breathe fire on this world. Whether you want to learn more about birthing your passions and dreams, discovering peace amongst the pain of infertility and loss, or get your appetite for life back, this is the podcast for you.

Each topic will inspire you to lean into your flaws and allow them to be the vehicle that transports you into becoming the hero of your life.

Blaise’s consulting practice is based on the quote from Fred Devito “What doesn’t challenge you; Doesn’t change you.” She leads the charge by challenging herself and the world to take off the masks and be vulnerable so we can address root issues and grow. That’s how we can transform into the best version of ourselves.

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Featured Guests

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Blaise Hunter Catriona Le May doan

In Ep 31, Blaise chats with Mental Health Advocate Corretta Doctor. Corretta is an active Field Advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).  She focuses on positive messages and her speaking topics are primarily on mental health, social wellness, personal development, and growth. Blaise and Corretta have a powerful conversation about breaking the stigma of depression. This topic hits close to home for Blaise because her father faked his own death in her 20's. This caused a deep trauma and made Blaise resent her dad. After a lot of inner healing, Blaise has realized her dad is the hero in this story because he used a semicolon instead of a period. 

In Ep 34, Blaise interviews her childhood hero and two-time speedskating Olympic Gold Medalist for Canada, Catriona Le May Doan. She was the fastest woman on ice and is now President and CEO of Sport Calgary. Catriona peels back the curtain of her life and discusses her journey after hanging up her skates. These two ladies get real and vulnerable about how to discover your identity and persevere through challenges.

In this episode, Blaise shares her journey being a Christian and why her faith is so important to her. She also shares her perspective on the virus infecting Christianity — hypocrisy. Blaise compares the greatest commandments in the Bible cited in Matthew 22:36-40 to the actions of Christians.

  • Many people have criticized Blaise and her views saying they are not of God.

  • When we judge what we don’t know or understand, we are missing the point of Christianity.

  • Being a Christian isn’t a rite of passage to be a bully.

  • Why aren’t the anti-maskers advocating for women’s rights, black lives matter, and child’s rights?

  • How the actions demonstrated at Capitol Hill were a disgrace.

  • What it really means to be pro-life.

Blaise Hunter
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