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Blaise Hunter is a modern day Heroine

Blaise Hunter is a colourful personality committed to keeping it real. For most of her life she struggled with loving herself and felt it difficult to measure up to society’s standards. After her daughter was born, she decided this had to change. This change has led to a total overhaul of her thinking and her personal mission. After learning how to strip away the masks and embrace who she is, Blaise found an incredible passion and stepped into her purpose.


She clawed her way out of a negative self-image, and her quest is to shed light on this topic and inspire other women to love themselves, too. Hunter is a champion for inner transformation. She makes you think about the question, “How can we expect our children to grow up strong and confident when we, their mothers aren’t practicing what we preach?” She leads the charge and will challenge you to change your perception and lead our future generations into a life of love and fulfillment. 

From one woman to another, hear her battle cry: “Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws & Own Your Awesome”. Blaise speaks on stages around the world empowering women to pick up their miscarried dreams and birth their destiny. We all have endured setbacks, but we are not barren. It is time to rise up and be Mothers of Purpose.

She also founded the non-profit group, Footprints: Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Support Initiative, which is changing the healthcare system one hospital at a time. She also helps parents work through their grief and trauma. Blaise won a Women of Influence Award for this cause.


Hunter started her writing journey to heal from a poor self-esteem, three miscarriages, and coping with a rare auto-immune condition. Along her voyage she realized so many women were dealing with the same struggles. 


This inspired Blaise to be open and candid about these topics.  Hunter's unique background in broadcast journalism and public relations has given her the skills to pursue motivational speaking and consulting. She lives out her quest with her business Blaise the Trail inc. Consulting Agency.

Blaise Hunter shows vulnerability is saf
It's time to draw our swords and rise up Heroines

I Am Heroine

Life is always about peaks and valleys and Blaise decided put the entire picture of life out there.  Hunter is passionate about being real, "We can't truly learn how to survive the valleys if we only show the highlight reel of our lives."  Hunter, like generations of women before her, have battled many adversities and there's no greater inspiration to push through them but by rising up as your own heroine. "When we face roadblocks, we need to Blaise the Trail."

Hunter has made Blaise the Trail & Breathe Fire her own catch phrases to live by.  Along with promoting her book Heroine, she also lives out her passion by inspiring others with her keynote talks which include Knowing Your Worth, MAPP Your Life, Be the Change, and Fertility Schmertility.

Blaise spent part of 2019 and 2020 expanding her influence in the United Kingdom and when she landed back in Canada for a book signing on Women's International Day at Indigo in West Edmonton Mall, her business took a hit. Covid shutdown the whole world including all the events Blaise had lined up in 2020.


"This was another opportunity for me to shift my perspective and turn my problem into my pearl." 

Blaise relocated to Medicine Hat, Alberta days before the pandemic struck and had to pivot her business. There were no events, no opportunities to network and no money coming in. She went back to her roots of marketing, branding and public relations and rebranded her business as a consulting agency. Now Blaise helps others with their brands and business ventures as well as mentors people to tell their story and write their books.

This led to Blaise being nominated for the Canadian 2020 Women of Inspiration Awards. She won the Influencer Award at the virtual awards gala on November 14, 2020. Blaise now resides with her family in Nanaimo, British Columbia.


"A woman of inspiration is the one who stands tall and co-exists with her pain, flaws and scars. She is inspiring because she empowers herself and others by her determination. How can she expect the future generations to know their worth and be world changers if she is not practicing what she preaches? This woman is the change she wishes to see. Every morning she decides to draw her sword and breathe fire. She is Heroine." Blaise Hunter

Blaise is her child's superhero
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