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Behind the Scenes with Blaise

5 Things to help "Know Thyself" in Your Business

Are you Pregnant with your purpose? Are you looking for a shift in some aspect of your life?

We can be fertile and produce things even in a barren season...

Do you feel like you have lost your passion for life? 


Do you wonder what your purpose is in this world?

Are you dealing with infertility or loss of a baby?


Do you feel like you are barely keeping your head above water and just want to feel balanced and at peace?

Would you like help with public speaking, writing your book, or creating a brand identity?


If you said YES to any of those questions; I can help!

I help people birth confidence and discover their purpose! Blaise the Trail Consulting Agency is committed to supporting your end goals. Blaise is highly sought after for her wealth of knowledge and expertise in various areas. She will guide you to birth your book, your voice, your brand identity as well as discover peace and balance. Blaise's mission is to inspire the world to rise up and be their own hero and breathe fire.

Blaise rose out of the ashes and became an author, entrepreneur, international speaker, award-winning advocate, fertility expert, and consultant. Though she has had 3 miscarriages, she is not barren. Blaise is continually birthing her purpose. Let us find the light together and create a massive social movement where men and women know their worth, draw their swords, and Blaise the Trail.


Enquire Today! Your destiny awaits...

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Have you been feeling a bit uncertain of what path to take for your business? Does your business plan lack clarity or focus? Answer the following questions for your business. Once you work through the 5 W’s on a continual basis, you begin to solve the business identity crisis. This helps people "Google Maps" their business goals and builds a route on how to get there. When you “Know Thyself” this now becomes simplified into the 3 R’s: 

  • You have Reconciled your Business Identity 

  • You continue to Recalculate to stay on course 

  • You are incredibly Resolute in your mission  


Fertility Schmertility MAPP Your Life To Peace

One thing to remember when we go through infertility is, we are not barren. Don't miscarry your destiny based on a lack of results. When we feel lost, we go to the map... Apply the MAPP to your life so you can birth the best version of yourself and be at peace. We can reroute our journey and arrive at joy!

5 P's To SUCCESS.png

5 P'S to Success

Do you want to feel inspired again? Do you want to live with passion and purpose but you're not sure how to do that? Follow the 5 P formula and be relentless in the pursuit of your purpose. It's time to birth your giftings. This can be applied to your personal and professional goals. 

Female Presenter

Birth Your Voice

Learn key strategies to speak in front of a crowd, prepare a speech and interview prep.

Ready to Get Published

Birth Your Story

Plot your coordinates and have a route mapped out to write your manuscript. Follow the MAP and write with ease.

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Birth Your Brand

Discover your unique brand identity and allow it to propel your business forward.