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Want to Leverage Your Brand Language?

It's All About Creative Copywriting

Every website, post, bio, brochure, blurb, and pitch are an empty canvas to paint the picture of brand identity.

Share your story in a memorable way...

Blaise is an award-winning writer! She combines brilliant marketing pizazz along with eloquent copy for her clients. 

A copywriter creates persuasive content for digital and print publications, called copy. They find creative ways to convert ideas into compelling content for another business or customer to relate to and resonate with.

Grow your community with CONTENT that engages.
Promote your brand with
COPYWRITING that sizzles.
Captivate your audience with
PRESENTATIONS that inspire.

"I don't help people sell products, I market a feeling..."


That's a scientific fact — not just whimsical writer talk!

Research shows that when humans read or listen to stories, their brains release oxytocin, a neurochemical responsible for empathy. Higher levels of oxytocin motivate us to feel more connected to other people and communities. 

Moral of the story: if you want people to remember your message — (and you do, right?!) — then you need to use narrative hooks that engage, entertain, inspire, empower, and provoke emotion.

That's where Blaise shines — with the expertise to tell your best story. 

Website Copy

Wildly impactful copywriting for your unique brand that's bursting with creativity, confidence, and connection

Your Vision

It's the core of who you are.
Waiting to be unleashed and discovered by the world.

But finding the right words can be tricky.
Truth is, words can be fickle creatures with a mind of their own.

But as your word-whisperer, I'm here to help you crack open your vision.
Releasing a flood of words that reaches out and grabs you by the collar.

Filled with power that amplifies your message and your business.

Are you ready?


You've worked hard to build a company, launch a product, or lead a project.  

Capture more attention with website copy that tells (and also sells...) your best story. Being consistent with your crafted messaging on all promotional materials is key!


Not sure what to include in your professional bio? Blaise is the queen of copy and will package all your wisdom, experience, education, and personality in a charismatic way. 

Stand out from the crowd and present a Bold Bio that will lead to clients, bookings, and partnerships.

Elevator Pitch

Construct a captivating opener that will leave a lasting impression on anyone you come across.

An elevator pitch can make or break your brand. Partner with Blaise to ensure your introduction packs a punch and elevates your credibility.

Press Release/Media

Send newsworthy press releases that will peak journalists' interests and expand your online footprint.

Zoom calls and webinars are here to stay, so there's no excuse for bad audio & video.  

Shine on-screen with technical tips and savvy communication strategies.


Speech Writing

Dazzle your audience with a strategic story! Whether live or online, a good speech is engaging, convincing, and leads to the desired action. Born speakers hardly exist. Smart speakers, however, do. Smart speakers call on expert copywriters to help them position their words that provide the most impact and sets them apart. Blaise has collaborated with executives, politicians, business leaders, and motivational speakers. She can help you craft any length of speech for any occasion. Whether it's for a Ted Talk, corporate presentation, or an inspirational speech, Blaise is the queen of copy and will ensure your speech is King! 


Award Nominations

Validate Yourself

Want to accept award nominations but don't know how to write a submission package? Selling product can be easier than selling yourself! That's where Blaise comes to the rescue. She will help you blend all your brillance and make it badass. Separate yourself from the pack with a winning storyline.

Blaise Hunter at Jane Austen's House

Blaise Hunter

Has a courageous, clever, and creative writing style that captures the heart of each message. Drawing from over 15 years of writing experience in the journalism and public relations industries, Blaise combines her wisdom with her flare. Blaise is a multi-award-winning writer because she's an expert a leveraging unique language and turning it into magic. Living in Europe in 2019 inspired her to take her writing to the next level and Blaise continues to push the boundaries with poignant words.

Are you tired of wanting to tell the world all that you do and have to offer but have no idea how to put it into words?

Let's Leverage Your Language

Blaise has this fire about her that makes you instantly want to work with her. When some friends and I decided to start a business last year, there were just too many hands in the cookie jar, and we couldn’t nail down our vision for our brand. After working with Blaise for less than an hour, she took our ideas into one clear message. It was like she saw it before we did. When I started my second business, I knew who to call immediately.

Alicia Richards-Mcmanus

I hired Blaise to help me create website copy that perfectly embodies my message and everything I do. She took my vision and packaged it into something so exquisite. She truly understood me and the essence I wanted to portray. I highly recommend her services. 

Anne Marie Evans

Blaise is a savvy writer who elevates ordinary words into a powerful brand identity. She helped position my message in the most impactful and strategic way. Hire Blaise! 

Alan Macdonald

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